About Us

MiniFinder Sweden AB is a Växjö-based company that manufactures and sells high precision positioning equipment.

MiniFinder is an IT company with cutting-edge expertise in GPS / GNSS technology. Our operations are based on our proprietary products MiniFinder® GO, MiniFinder® Pico, Atto and Zepto. MiniFinder GO is a professional fleet management system that, in addition to positioning/tracking, is used for driving journals and different types of measurements based on GPS Trackers data collected.

"MiniFinder is characterized by quality, unique design and highest precision in a small format."

Our goal is to become the market leader in developing advanced positioning solutions and continue designing user-friendly products at the cutting edge of new technology.

A need to feel safe and control the belongings will always be available. Our goal is to offer a product range that meets the high standards of our customers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact us before purchase. Let's review your needs and propose the best solution.

Our products are carefully tested in tough environments, meet the set mileage requirements for electronic equipment and at least CE certified. Quality checks are conducted in two stages by independent test teams before the products are shipped to us. You can feel safe when you invest your money in new GPS equipment.

It is important to always read the operating instructions before using our GPS trackers. Always follow the laws and regulations that apply to those places where the GPS tracker will be used. We are not responsible for any consequences that our products may cause. It is your responsibility to use the product without restricting rules and not using in areas where GSM and radio technology are prohibited.

We provide fast delivery with Posten and DHL directly to the door no matter where in Sweden you are. Expect delivery time between 1-3 business days, depending on where you are in the country and depending on the quantity you order. Normally we ship the goods within 4h from order and in most of the cases, you have the products the following day.

We are satisfied only when our customers are completely satisfied.

We appreciate that you always communicate with us and give feedback on what we do well, but also what we do less well to make us feel better.

Welcome to shop in our online store that is open 24/7 all day long.

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