MiniFinder Digital Trip Log

Plug & Play automatic and digital trip log. No installation required.


With the Digital Trip Log from MiniFinder, the car is connected to the cloud and you enjoy several smart features. Exclude manual paperwork and the risk of lost travel. MiniFinder Digital Trip Log automatically updates all trips in real-time and can be checked or commented directly via mobile, tablet and computer.

With the digital trip log, you save both time and money. Minimize administrative work and present complete documentation when auditing at the Swedish Tax Agency to avoid any tax evasion. 

In addition to the digital trip log, the service also offers real-time positioning, theft protection, reporting systems, etc. for monitoring and optimization of the vehicle fleet.

MiniFinder Digital Trip Log, a simple measure for increased profitability in the business.  

  • Save Time & Money
  • Approved by the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Quick Plug & Play Installation
  • Free Mobile Application
  • Telephone Support
  • Optimize the fleet
  • Real-time tracking
  • Statistics & Analysis 
  • Anti-Theft
  • Worldwide Coverage Map

For who

Digital Trip Log is recommended to be written for all service cars, especially those that are ever used for private driving. With MiniFinder Digital Trip Log no travel is missed and use in service or private can easily be reported.

The driver

The manual trip log is a time-consuming process. With the digital trip log, the driver can maintain focus on the task for increased efficiency.

Finance Department

The payroll administration receives accurate and complete information and avoids unnecessary working hours due to missing driving records. 

Outgoing invoices can easily be matched with digital trip log to secure a place on work done.


Business leaders can easily access monthly reports. A trip log approved by the tax authority creates calm and leaves nothing to chance

That is how it works

After quick and easy installation of a MiniFinder Zepto, positioning data is sent via GSM / GPRS to the MiniFinder GO Tracking System. The vehicle activity is presented graphically on a map and can be analyzed in real-time.

With the MiniFinder Digital Trip Log, all positioning data is converted and creates a complete trip log approved by the Swedish Tax Agency. The journal includes, among other things, the time and address of the start/end of the trip, the distance travelled, the type of trip and the place for notes. After completing the journey, all information is available in the application directly via mobile, tablet or computer. Create reports and access statistics to analyze the company's fleet of vehicles.

MiniFinder Digital Trip Log is available wherever you are and use throughout Europe is included in the price. Use outside of Europe? Contact us for more information.


MiniFinder Zepto, the hardware used for MiniFinder Digital Trip Log, is the world's smallest GPS Tracker for vehicles and is connected via the OBD socket. Zepto's powerful components and minimal size promote discreet mounting while retaining functionality.

With the help of a smooth Plug & Play solution, Zepto is installed in less than 30 seconds and requires no technical experience or workshop visits. After the quick installation, the vehicle's position is updated in real-time and the journey is presented directly in the MiniFinder Digital Trip Log. 

Key Functions

Live Tracking
Get the car's position in real-time. Works across the EU. Can be activated in countries outside the EU at extra cost.

The device alerts directly to the mobile phone if it falls outside a defined area on the map.

Get the vehicle's route based on the date and time in the form of tracks and data on the map.

Generate statistics on speed, fuel consumption, mileage, parking times, stops etc.

Logging of Positions
MiniFinder Zepto logs all positions in the flash memory for lost GSM signal. The positions are then buffered out to the MiniFinder GO system when the signal is recovered.

Vibration Alarm
The unit can be set to report its position in the event of vibration.

Tamper Alarm
Alarms if any unauthorized person disassembles the unit.

Low Battery Alarm
Zepto can detect the vehicle's battery voltage and send alarms at low battery levels.

Speed Alarm
Set speed limit and get information if exceeded.

Free Test

All companies can test the product free of charge for 30 days. Call or email us and we will quickly arrange a sample kit.

Insurance Benefits

The insurance companies premium their customers differently when installing a search and tracking system, so the customer should contact his insurance company for current information.




* 5 years

Technical specification
Dimensions 40mm x 24 mm x 31mm
Weight 27 g
Battery 40 mAh (3.7V)
GSM-band Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Power source DC 9-36V/1.5mA
Operating temperature -20° ~ 70°C
GPS sensitivity -162dB
Accuracy (position) 5m, 2D RMS
GPS chipset UBLOX-G7020
Humidity 15% - 85%
LED 1 LED light indicates GPS and GSM status

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MiniFinder GO live tracking & trip log

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