MiniFinder® GO Fleet Management System

MiniFinder® GO is an internet-based alarm and tracking system that offers real-time monitoring of your GPS tracker.  

MiniFinder® GO tracking system lets you track your devices in real-time conveniently from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Obtain history and draw traces on the map to see how the GPS Tracker has moved, what speed it has kept, how far it has passed, etc.

MiniFinder® GO also has a clever feature that allows you to share a unique link with your collaborators. Via the unique link, you can then follow the trip on the map in real-time without having access to the system as long as the unique link applies.
After purchasing the MiniFinder® GO service, we configure your device and send them to you along with an in-depth guide.
All you need to do is log in to the app and see where your GPS tracker is located. If it is in motion, a track will be drawn on the map. Smooth and practical.  

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Important Features:

* Real-time tracking (time interval tracking in at least 5sec)
* Printing of electronic driving journal (approved by the tax office)
* Obtain emergency reports
* Play the route
* History, Search and Analysis
* Statistics in the form of different graphs
* Enter the geo-fence on the map (in / out)
* MultiMap support (GoogleMaps, OpenStreet, Bing Maps, etc.).
* Multilingual support (Swedish, Finnish, English, Spanish, French, Italian)

Hardware Support:

MiniFinder® GO supports all major hardware in today's market. In other words, not only our devices. Mobile phones can also be tracked in the system with a commercial app available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For Developers:

We provide API for integration with third-party systems, such as tailor-made tracking systems, unique customer solutions, trip logs, mobile applications, etc. Contact us and we'll tell you more.