MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker

  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker
  • MiniFinder® Pico GPS Tracker

MiniFinder® Pico is a multi purpose mini GPS tracker that works worldwide.
As the name suggests, "Pico" is a very small GPS tracker, only 60 * 41 * 16 mm (2,4 x 1,6 x 0,6 inch) and weighs as little as 35g (1.23 oz).

Behind the little shell we find the technology of the highest quality for people, pets and valuables tracking.

MiniFinder Pico Size

The distinctive feature of this device, in addition to the design and size are its battery life and performance. In standby mode the battery can last up to 20 days. The normal working mode device will last between 6-7 days. We dare say that in the current situation, there is no device of this size that can do this.

Track transmitter is based on the world's leading GPS technology and has a built-in GPS chip from Swiss U-Blox that is both lean and powerful little chip.

MiniFinder Pico overview


  • Live tracking

    Track your pet via live tracking system.

  • Tracking by SMS

    Track your Pico on demand via SMS. No monthly fees needed.

  • GoogleMaps

    MiniFinder Pico supports Google Maps link in SMS. Just press on the link in returning SMS from MiniFinder and show your pets position on Google Maps

  • Geo-Fence

    The unit alarms by sending you a text message if it is outside a defined area

  • Monitoring

    GPS Tracker will automatically answer your calls and enables voice monitoring e.g. your pet or a child

  • Track by time interval

    Set the time interval of at least 10 seconds and you will receive information about the position repeatedly

  • Call feature

    The device supports two-way communication

  • Built in G-sensor

    The unit will be set to report its position once its in movement.

  • Fall down alert

    Device supports fall down function; meaning if a person falls down an alert will be sent out.

  • GPS blind area alarm (in/out)

    Alarms the owner if the GPS tracker comes in areas without GPS signal and alarms again when it receives a signal.

  • Low battery alarm

    When the battery is low, you'll receive a text message telling you the battery level and that it needs to be charged.

  • Speeding alarm

    Set the speed limit to get the information if it is exceeded



Package contains:

  • Device, GPS tracker MiniFinder® Pico
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick guide (English, Swedish, German, Dutch, Spanish)


12 months


MiniFinder® Pico’s design is patented in EU. Design number: 002881680-0001

Technical specification
Size 60 mm × 41 mm × 16 mm
Weight 35g
Battery Lithium-ion, 900mAh
GSM-band 850/1900Mhz, 900/1800Mhz
Power source 110-220V input, 5V output
GPS start Active 1s, Warm 35s, Cold 45s
Operating -10°C till +60°C
GPS sensivity
Accuracy (position) 5m
GPS chipset u-Blox 7
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Work tid 480h standby
Memory 8Mb (flash memory)
Buttons SOS and On/Off

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