MiniFinder Nano One GPS Personal Alarm

GPS Tracker in a mini format with long battery life and superior precision. Swedish patented design.


MiniFinder Nano One represents the new generation of personal GPS security alarms that help the wearer feel safe in all situations.

The product offers impressive functionality in a very small format. MiniFinder® Nano One is a revolutionary innovation in personal safety and GPS tracking, which is ideal for elderly people, people with cognitive disabilities, children or for people who work in vulnerable environments.


As a security alarm, and also as a traditional GPS tracker, Nano is competent and with the right functions in place.

The unit is equipped with built-in eSIM, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi chip, which makes it possible to track the wearer in over 190 countries with high precision.

The built-in Bluetooth and WiFi give the wearer enhanced the tracking indoors and outdoors where there is no GPS reception. The GSM function offers the possibility to make voice calls to pre-set telephone numbers with a simple press on a button.

MiniFinder Nano

For increased safety, Nano One is also equipped with a pulse sensor and a fall sensor to be able to easily monitor the user's physical condition as well as alarm during unforeseen emergencies.

Nano One is worn comfortably around the wrist, but the safety alarm itself can easily be taken off from the strap for any use in the car, bag or in other situations where you want to track valuables.

The MiniFinder Nano One weighs only 23 grams and measures 41x16mm. Both the device and the strap are made of durable and soft silicone material.

The safety alarm is quickly charged via the supplied cable to the magnetic charging contacts on the back of the unit. The battery life is 120 hours in standby mode and about 24 hours with active use.

MiniFinder Nano


Key Features

Real-time Tracking
Nano One sends positioning data to the MiniFinder GO tracking system as soon as movement is detected. You can easily see the device's exact position in real-time via the APP.

SOS Button
By pressing the SOS button, alarms are sent to the mobile app by push notifications. The alarm is also followed with a voice phone call to the pre-set alarm receivers or an alarm centre.

Fall Alarm
Nano One has a built-in fall sensor and can, in case of a fall accident, alarm by measuring speed and G-force at once.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Monitor or alarm directly to the mobile phone if the pulse exceeds or falls below certain values.

GeoFence Alarm
By drawing virtual fences on the map in the tracking system, notifications are sent if Nano One leaves a defined area.

Low Battery Alert
When the battery level of Nano One is low, you are notified via push notification to the mobile phone or via email.

Call Function
Nano One supports two-way communication. You can call your MiniFinder Nano One by presetting one or more phone numbers.

All position information from Nano One is logged in the MiniFinder GO tracking system and can be easily analyzed afterwards.

Motion Alarm
Nano One can identify whether the device is moving through the motion sensor, then send alarms if such an event occurs.

With the help of well-developed software, Nano One can also send positioning data indoors with the built-in WIFI module.

Connect Nano One via Bluetooth to have information for low energy consumption, extended battery life and extended positioning.

Integrated eSIM chip
An eSIM means that there is no SIM card in the device. The information is instead stored in a chip.

Function Buttons
Alarm button and ON / OFF button.

MiniFinder GO tracking system supports GoogleMaps, Bing Maps, OpenStreet Maps and WebGIS.

Package contains:

  • MiniFinder® Nano One GPS Tracker
  • USB magnetic charging cable
  • Integrated IoT telematics eSIM
  • A quick guide and user manual in Swedish or English


3 years


MiniFinder® Nano One is a patented product. Patent number: 006343661-0001

Technical specification
Dimensions 41 mm × 16 mm
Weight 23g
Battery Rechargeable, 3.7V 380mAh
MLPC™ Unique algorithm that improves energy consumption
GSM-band 900/1800 850/1900Mhz
Power source 5V DC
GPS start Active 1s, Warm 5s, Cold 15s
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
GPS sensitivity Active -165 dBm, Warm -163dBm, Cold -148dBm
Accuracy (position) <10m (open sky)
GPS chipset MT3333 (GNSS, Support EPO)
WiFi MT5931 2.4GHZ 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth BLE4.0 BR/EDR
Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Battery life 120 hours (standby)
Memory 16Mb (flash memory)
LED 2 LED lights indicate GPS, GSM and power
Buttons SOS and On/Off

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